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Greg Pezza |Founder & Owner

Greg Pezza is the founder and owner of Pocket Square Productions. He started spinning records in his basement during college performing mostly for friends and college parties. However, once he moved onto grad school and moved back to Philadelphia, Greg started to work more regularly in the bar and club scene both in the city and in Avalon, NJ. Over the years he honed his skills and developed a style blending funk and funky beats with old school hip-hop, 90’s and 80’s music and top 40. As Greg is also a musician, his passion for music and performance shines through every time he puts the needle to the record.

Additionally, although he had years of experience as a DJ, it wasn’t until Greg planned his own wedding that he had an epiphany about starting his own wedding business. As Greg put put it: “My wife and I decided we wanted a DJ. But, if we were going to get a DJ, we wanted a good one. A real one…someone who could spin and blend music and keep the party going. But, we also recognized that there were going to be people of all ages and backgrounds at our wedding. We expected our DJ to be skilled and smart. Someone with common-sense and someone who understood what we were looking for.” Greg and his wife eventually did find that DJ, almost 600 miles away from Philadelphia. With that, Greg decided to dedicate his DJing talents to providing high quality, smart, skilled and stylish DJ’s for weddings. Pocket Square Productions has been providing the best services in the greater Philadelphia and Jersey Shore area since. When you call us, chances are Greg will be the first person you’ll talk to.

DJ Serenity

Anthony is from Brooklyn, New York. He originally made his waves by investing in a pair of technics turntables. It was here when his passion for music flourished. After a few months, Anthony was doing weddings and corporate events. Within time, he started at  some of the hottest clubs and bars in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. Anthony and his family then moved to Lancaster, PA. Here, he made waves in the bar and club scene in and around the Harrisburg area.  He also opened shows for many live acts in the Hip-Hop and Latin genre. After a few years in Lancaster Anthony moved once again, this time to Philadelphia where he’s been ever since. While fitting in well in the Philly scene, he was contacted by Greg Pezza, who had seen him work, and recruited him to become a part of Pocket Square Productions. He agreed, and Anthony has done many weddings both with Greg and on his own. He’s got tremendous skill and know how and is known for his attention to detail when preparing for a wedding.

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DJ Curtis Remarc

Curt is a classically trained musician who began DJing across the NJ and tri-state area in clubs and venues ranging from Red Sky in Philadelphia to BK Bazaar in NYC. Curt also has a real presence and following along the Jersey coast as he routinely DJs the hottest clubs in A.C.. He’s worked Harrahs, The Taj Mahal, and many others. He’s also one of a few resident DJs at the famed Watermark in Asbury Park. He brings a serious knowledge of music and blending techniques that he applies to all musical styles in the wedding format.

His music influences vary widely. Recently Curt was hired to write for The Source Magazine, the publication of choice in the hip hop industry. And while his love and knowledge of hip hop is clear, he’s also a pioneering mixing artist in the Indi-tronic genre, curating his love for indie rock vocals and guitars with his tastes in soul, jazz, and groovy house. Of course, he can’t get enough of funk. Curt has a tremendous amount of experience in DJing weddings. He’s available to work in tandem with some of the other DJ’s and emcees featured at Pocket Square Productions or he can handle a wedding on his own as he’s done many times in the past. Either way, you’ll find Curt to be a conscientious and professional DJ with serious skills.

DJ Chris Urban

Chris reigns from Bucks County, is a dancer, choreographer, and most importantly, a DJ. It was in the calendar year of 2014 that Chris realized how much he really enjoys the wedding scene. What took him so long? Mainly his residencies at some of the hottest bars and clubs in Philadelphia. Most recently Chris worked Stratus, the hottest club in Philly located on the rooftop of Hotel Monaco. Needless to say, he attracts large audiences and has tremendous talent. Like DJ Serenity, Chris was contacted by owner, Greg Pezza, who was extremely impressed after hearing Chris work, and from that point on, Greg and Chris have done many many weddings together. A set from DJ Chris Urban is very recognizable as it will be the most unique blend of anything and everything. Chris plays an open format and can seamlessly integrate any genre of music to keep the party going. This works particularly well at weddings.

dj chris urban wedding dj