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Lost for Words?

Have you been thinking about asking that special someone to marry you? Well the peeps at Vashi have put together a cool little tool that could be of help. With creativity being key in today’s proposals, it appears just about everything has been done. For those of you who know now that it is not a question of “if” or “when”, but “how”, click here to check out this proposal generator.

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Let’s not kid ourselves, the large majority of brides and grooms are hoping for a nice fat check as their gift and for most of us, that’s what we’ll give. However, to some this gifting process seems merely transactional and lacks the personalization that we’d like to put into a gift for our friends or family on one of the most emotional days our their lives. So here’s an idea for a little personalized gift to go along with your financial contribution to their future: set up an email address for the bride with her new last name. The process is simple as those of us who are married know, adding spouses to bank accounts, bills, mortgages, etc. can be rather daunting. This small gesture may just take a little something of her plate after the dust of the celebration clears.

Photo Booth Alternatives

While photo booths are a great option to add something different or unique to your wedding, they can also be rather pricey. If you have the means within your budget, go for it. However, if your looking for something similar but your expenses are starting to balloon, consider another idea; an old school option with a new school twist…Polaroids.

There are many options in this area for both the type of camera and the method to deliver this option to your guests:


#1. Go straight for the vintage and get an actual Polaroid camera. These cameras can be had on craigslit. ebay, amazon, or most likely from a family member.

#2. Many contemporary companies have tapped into this market and introduced their own version of Polaroid cameras. The look of many of them may be just what your looking for at your wedding. We prefer the Instax 90 for the look and the quality it produces.